New Beginnings!! :)

The time has come, the time is now :-)

For my new job @ Aria Medical, I made an SEO website located at http://www.kristaquinn.com

That's right! KristaQuinn.com! How cool is that? My name as my own domain name?

Because I am so proud of my new domain, I've decided to start hosting my personal blog there, too. Please follow my posts there and keep reading! All of my personal blogging posts will now be held at:

http://www.kristaquinn.com/mighty-quinn/ :) Or, you could just click here.

Thanks for reading!


Sweet Moments, First Steps

I work at a church nursery every Wednesday. I usually don't look forward to it before I go in because I'm already tired and just want to read a book for the rest of the night, or now, research SEO for my new job. I don't know why I have this feeling when each week I always leave feeling like I just spent time with some of the coolest kids on the planet. =-) Tonight was no exception.

I got to help a little girl take some of her first steps tonight. It was such a remarkable thing to see and be a part of. She has some health issues that prohibit her from using her muscles correctly (it will take her a lot longer to learn how to use them than other kids), so to help her achieve this was so amazing for me. She was grinning from ear to ear and didn't want to stop. I am very excited about being able to help her again next week!


Writing and THE Job

So tonight I was talking to my aunt on the phone and we were discussing our writings. She was contemplating different writing approaches for a novel she wants to begin writing, and it got me thinking, I have not felt very inspired to write lately....

I know that I currently do not have the desire to write a novel, but I do enjoy short stories... Does anyone have any unique writing prompts or topics for me to consider? My lack of inspiration is really bugging me, so I thought I would ask my few readers to help me out with this one.... :)


So, I am REALLY enjoying my job. I'm learning a whooooole lot about SEO and the little things that come with it. It has been really neat to see and be a part of what makes and keeps a website running. Every dad I learn something (usually a whole lot) new, and it has been fun to actually DO the work, instead of hearing a professor lecture about it all day. I am definitely enjoying the other side of college- doing what you are learning about makes it so much more exciting! Granted, I do miss being able to take a nap at any given moment. Although, I don't think taking naps will ever beat being able to say, "Back when I was in college...." like I've been out of school for years (as opposed to a little over a month). =-)


Exciting News

I'm very pleased to inform you that I have a job! These past couple days, I interviewed for a position called SEO at a small company in San Antonio. (SEO is "Search Engine Optimization," for those who don't know- It's what makes sites number one when you run a search on Google or Yahoo!) I have a lot to learn, but I am very excited about it. It's 3:24 am and I've been researching it most of the night. I've been reading a few books on my Kindle, too- which is awesome. I can't wait to write more about my job- I start training next week! God provides.

Russell is here this weekend and we are going to celebrate by doing different SA things tomorrow- exploring the riverwalk some more, looking at possible apartments, and of course- cooking (eating!). I'll have to take some pictures of our adventures.

I suppose I should go to bed- it's pretty late!


.pruned for my own good.

So I'm sure you know the common metaphor that is found in John 15. It has been a verse that has just stuck with me over the years, and it's funny because I forget its deep truth quite often.

It'll be a month since I graduated and I've yet to find a job. This has been very hard on me. I first began struggling with my feelings of inadequacy during my last month of college. The though of moving home was soon to be a reality, and I was forced to deal with it. For about the last year or so I have been carrying everything in my life on my own, without feeling like I needed God for much at all. That may very well be a harsh sentence, but it's the truth. I have simply been going through the motions without Him.

This last month has been very enlightening for me, and again I am learning the lesson that God teaches us so much through our trials. I had a very hard interview experience a few weeks ago that I took quite personally. Long story short, I had basically been offered a job, prepared for it (going so far as booking a place to live!), and then at the last minute been rejected. This really tore me up inside, and while it may sound like such a small thing, I had nights where I would cry about it. It wasn't just that I had been rejected, but that I had seriously gotten my hopes up so high, and then felt like I had been brought back to square one completely. I mean, living with your parents? What a loser, right? Especially with no job.... Well, it took a few people (my dad, Russell) to wake me up out of my melancholy stage. More than enough people have been reminding me that I needed to have faith that God was going to do something and that I needed to trust Him.

So it's true. It's completely true. Trusting in God is what I need to do, and I have finally given Him the reigns. While I haven't landed my dream job yet, I do have a small PT job at my church's nursery here in SA. It's every Wed. and Sun. and I have the rest of the week to keep looking for jobs. Plus, once I do get a job, they have been gracious enough to let me work less hours if I need to. It may not sound like much, but it has already proven to be a big help with my self-esteem. Today was my first day, and I was reminded of my love for children as I got to take care of them. They were all so amazing, and it reminded me that God has a plan for me that fits my desires, too.


Graduation Update :)

I graduated!!! I am now a UMHB alumna! :)
Nice ;)


Pings poke, you owe me a coke...

I think I'm going to stop jinxing myself and telling all of you blog-readers when I have a job interview.... yesterday when I was dropping Russell off in Georgetown on my way to San Antonio, the recruiter for that technical writing position called to tell me that he didn't think my resume was the right fit for the company after he got more info. on the job... but it's okay. I really, really, really want a job. But for right now, I'm just going to remember that God has a plan and I cannot speed it up. I've recently applied to many positions in the area, bought an interview suit, and made two different types of resumes. I am prepared! So until I receive an interview offer, I will wait. I mean, come on now, free house, free food, free internet.... I can get used to this! Haha... just kidding. I'm going to find a job as soon as possible because I am very excited about getting my own place. :) I talked to my dad about how I feel like such a loser for moving back home. For four years, I've had this vision ofme graduating college, landing a great job, and moving into my own place. It's shame I had to graduate during the worst economical times of my generation. Sheesh! But it's okay- I know something will work out, and I am very thankful that I have parents to stay with!

Tomorrow I'm headed back to Georgetown, and then Belton. Russell and I are celebrating Christmas early with his sister's family and then we're headed back to Belton so I can prepare for graduation. I'm pretty excited! Then, on Saturday, I'll receive my diploma, eat lunch with friends and family, and then come back to San Antonio. It'll be fun- I think Russell and I are planning on doing the river walk thing for one day, head out to the malls, and all that jazz. After spending Christmas with my family, we're driving to Tennessee! That will be so much fun. I will definitely have to take pictures for that one :)